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It's that time of year again to welcome our friends, family and guests from all around to Louisiana's Sportsman's Paradise, home of one of the "Oldest and Coldest Festivals," the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival. Through much dedication and hard work, the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival Board of Directors and volunteers have planned this years festival. 

This year, all hats off to the cattlemen of our parish. These dedicated businessmen are the proud owners of commercial and registered breeds. Perhaps one of the oldest industries in Cameron Parish, the cattle business has helped sustain our economy with constant innovations and improvements. Cattle work also provides a reason for families and neighbors to get together and enjoy the results of some of Louisiana's greatest cooks. 

As the tradition of our festival continues, we would like to personally thank the community, businesses and sponsors that give of their time and resources year round to help the festival continue to grow and prosper.

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