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2024 Little Miss and Mister Cameron Parish
Mayve Miller & Rhett Baccigalopi


Little Miss

Cameron Parish





Little Mister

Cameron Parish

Rhett O'Neil Baccigalopi


2024 Little Miss Cameron Parish
Mayve Reed Miller

 Mayve is the 8-year-old daughter of Trey and Kayla Miller. She has brown eyes and brown hair, and 1 brother, Kooper. Mayve enjoys playing with her weenie dogs, Edith and Wilfred, Golden Retriever Woody, pet pig Ruby and many chickens. She also enjoys shopping, swimming and shooting crossbows.

Mayve is a Jr. Tarpon cheerleader, a Rising Star Award recipient, plays Little Dribblers, takes violin lessons and is learning to speak Cajun French. Her favorite food is rice and gravy only when it is cooked by her Papa and cotton candy made fresh at the fair. Mayve lists Beauty and the Beast and Up her favorite shows. Up because
Kevin may like chocolate more than her.


When asked why she would like to become Little Miss Cameron Parish, Mayve says, because she would love to represent her community that is built on family, faith and endurance, and there is no other place she would want to call home.

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2024 Little Mister Cameron Parish
Rhett O'Neil Baccigalopi

Rhett is the 8-year-old son of Brett and Lauren Baccigalopi. He has brown eyes and brown hair, and one older sister, Libby. Rhett enjoys livestock shows, working cows, going alligator hunting with his Pops, playing the drums and guitar with his dad, farming and keeping up the land with his PawPaw, and taking
family vacations to national parks and historical sites.


He enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering at beach sweeps, collecting socks for Abrahams Tent, and participating in theVeterans Wall cleanup. Rhett is a three-year member of South Cameron Little Dribblers, four-year member of South
Cameron Baseball, a member of Calcasieu Soccer Club, and a member of the Louisiana Jr. Braford Breeders. Rhett has won Reserve Champion PeeWee Showman, Grand Champion Braford Bull and Grand Champion Louisiana Bred. He is the recipient of the SCHS Citizenship Award, Excellent Attendance Award, and STEM Outstanding Student Award. Rhett
also attends catechism at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church where he is a proud altar server. His favorite foods are lasagna and raw oysters but definitely not together and lists Charro Featuring Elvis 1969 and GRIT as his favorite shows.


When asked why he would like to become Little Mr. Cameron Parish, Rhett says, because it would mean so much to represent the parish that he loves, its wonderful people, and the beautiful marshes that he spends most of his time in. He also dreams to follow in his late PawPaw NuNu’s footsteps who was the 39th King Fur in 2008, representing the fur industry.

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